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National Precision Bearing

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Needle Bearing Group

Needle Bearings

Types:  Drawn cup, machined, retained, full complement, roller clutch, thrust 
Materials: 52100 steel and stainless steel (CRES)
Industry Standards: industrial (ISO 9001), automotive (IATF/TS 16959), aerospace (AS 9100), MS17131, MS17130, MS51961, MS51962, MS24461, MS24462, MS24463, MS24464, MS24465, MS24466, MS21438, MS21439.

There are many types of needle rollers and deciding which one to use requires careful analysis of the application.

General considerations include:
• Life and reliability
• Rotating speed
• Load ratings and direction of loading
• Shaft/raceway design
• Housing design
• Lubrication

NPB offers factory-authorized cleanroom for relubrication with custom and specialty lubricants.

Typical applications include:
• Gear motors                    • Pumps
• Power tools                     • Automotive
• Automation/robotics    • Electric machinery
• Machine tools                 • Marine
• Lawn & garden               • Construction equipment
• Office equipment           • Aerospace and defense
• Industrial machinery     • Universal joints


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